Always sustainable

STEICO has always lived sustainability. Our roots as a manufacturer of wood fibre insulating materials go back decades. In the 1990s, when the awareness for energy-efficient building was only just beginning to develop, we were already serving an ecologically oriented clientele with insulating materials made from renewable raw materials. STEICO has now grown out of its former niche - and the importance of sustainability has also changed in recent years. At the same time, the interest in sustainability has become both broader and deeper. In addition to the environment and climate, sustainability also includes social responsibility and concern for the future effects of our actions today.

At STEICO, we see sustainability as an interplay between the three areas of ecology, economy and social issues.

We want to be economically successful in manufacturing environmentally compatible insulating materials and at the same time live up to our social responsibility towards employees and society. Sustainability is firmly anchored in STEICO’s philosophy as a corporate value.

We create jobs and added value with our ongoing growth. In doing so, we always ensure the long-term loyalty and health of our employees and take appropriate measures.

At STEICO we love wood. Dealing responsibly with wood as a resource is a matter of course for us. No other natural building material is so versatile, so robust and so reliable. Our ecological products from resources used in an environmentally friendly manner are used in new construction and when renovating roofs, walls, ceilings, floors and facades. They allow the construction of future-proof, healthy buildings with a particularly high quality of living. With STEICO wood fibre insulating materials, you get ecological building products in and on your house, manufactured according to the example set by nature.

STEICO’s products building materials of the future due to their organic nature, and they enable ecological building as part of the sustainable development of our society.

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