STEICOtop is light, rigid and available in small size sheets. Ideal for restoration projects.

The dataheet STEICOtop

  • Ideal  insulation for attic storage with light footfall
  • High surface resistance due to special surface finish
  • Ecological, environmentally-friendly & recyclable
  • Outstanding properties both in the heat and the cold
  • Highly permeable
  • Quick and easy to lay, using conventional  tools
  • Effective storage space with good insulation achieved

Many buildings have been designed with accessible, but not habitable attic spaces. Many households utilise this space for additional storage, by laying boards over the insulated joists.  With the introduction of better insulation / energy efficiency requirements, deeper loft insulation is now required.

Boarding  the attic and squashing the insulation, will result in reduced effectiveness of the insulation and thus not gain the energy efficiencies required.
STEICOtop not only offers the consumer the desired storage space, but maintains the required insulation properties for energy effectiveness.

Quick installation

Einfaches Handling

Large attic spaces can be quickly insulated using STEICOtop.  If a double layer is required for enhanced insulation performance, then the boards should be laid with staggered joints.
For ease of cutting around the eaves detail where thermal bridging could be an issue, it is suggested that STEICOflex is used. STEICOflex will help in taking up any gaps caused by any irregularities of roof connections. Loads should not be directly applied to the STEICOflex.

Stable Boards with an unique Surface

STEICOtop - finish Oberfläche

STEICOtop insulation boards have a dense, specially structured surface, which has particularly high stability. When used in attics for storage (with ‘light’ footfall), a secondary flooring board is not required.
In addition, STEICOtop insulating boards are diffusion ‘open’. Should moisture penetrate the board, it can easily evaporate, without damage to the board.

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