• Lay the membrane or sheet so that the printed side is facing the fitter
  • Lay the membrane or sheet parallel to the eaves starting with an overlap of at least 10 cm
  • Fix the membrane or sheet in place solely within the overlap area (e.g. clips)
  • Activate the longitudinal self-adhesive areas by removing the protective strip only after the membrane or sheet has been fixed in place

The following also applies when used as an airtight membrane:

  • Ensure flush-mounted bay insulation (no cavities may exist under the STEICOmulti UDB)
  • Sufficiently thick insulation covering with STEICOspecial/STEICOspecial dry and STEICOuniversal/STEICOuniversal dry must be carried out;
  • Component joints and penetrations must be made in an airtight manner by means of STEICO system accessories

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