STEICOmulti renova

Processing STEICOmulti renova

  • Lay the membrane or sheet so that the printed side is facing the fitter
  • Lay the sheet parallel or at a right angle to the rafters with an overlap of at least 10 cm
  • Ensure flush-mounted bay insulation, no cavities may exist between the bay insulation and membrane/sheet, visual check due to translucent character of the membrane/sheet
  • Fit the membrane or sheet in a tension-free manner and avoid creases
  • Overlaps, component joints and penetrations must be made in an airtight manner by means of STEICO system accessories

Processing in case of air-injected insulation

  • The distance between the clips to be used for fixing the vapour barrier in place on the
    supporting structure is max. 10 cm
  • The use of STEICO fibreboard strips or an additional lath along the rafter is recommended as an alternative
  • Before the introduction of the air-injected insulation, cross lathing must be arranged with a max. centre distance of 420 mm
  • Once the insulation has been injected, seal the injection holes in an airtight manner using STEICOmulti tape P stickers

Quickly dissipate increased room humidity (e.g. during the construction phase) via consistent and continuous ventilation. Occasionally airing for short times with wide-open windows does not suffice to quickly convey large quantities of construction-related humidity out of the building; set up a dehumidifier if necessary. A max. relative humidity of 70 % must be complied with during the construction period.

To prevent condensation formation, the airtight adhesive bonding of the STEICOmulti renova should be made directly after the installation of the thermal insulation. This applies in particular for work in winter.

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