STEICOmulti membra 5

Processing STEICOmulti membra 5

  • Lay the membrane or sheet so that the printed side is facing the fitter
  • Lay the sheet parallel or at a right angle to the rafters with an overlap of at least 10 cm
  • Ensure flush-processed bay insulation. There may be no cavities between the bay
    insulation and sheet/membrane. Visual check thanks to translucent character
  • Fit the membrane or sheet in a tension-free manner and avoid creases
  • Overlaps, component joints and penetrations must be made in an airtight manner by means of STEICO system accessories

Processing in case of air-injected insulation

  • The distance between the clips to be used for fixing the vapour barrier in place on the
    supporting structure is max. 10 cm
  • The use of STEICO fibreboard strips or an additional lath along the rafter is recommended as an alternative
  • Before the introduction of the air-injected insulation, cross lathing must be arranged with a max. centre distance of 420 mm
  • Once the insulation has been injected, seal the injection holes in an airtight manner using STEICOmulti tape P stickers

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