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European Market Leader
The STEICO Group is European market leader at woodfibre insulation materials

Established system provider
STEICO is well established as a provider of an integrated insulation and construction system with its extensive product range of wood fibre insulation materials and its I-joists and laminated veneer lumber as construction elements. I-joists are used, for example, in wood-frame construction or when building roof structures and improve energy efficiency in buildings. Laminated veneer lumber is the wooden construction material capable of bearing the greatest loads. Natural insulation materials carefully coordinated to these materials offer excellent protection against cold, heat, noise and moisture, thus meeting our customers’ high standards. 

International customer base
The STEICO Group’s international customers come from the wood and construction materials trade, wood construction companies, the pre-fabricated housing industry, the laminated flooring and parquet sector and DIY stores.

Certified product range
The STEICO Group was the first manufacturer to have all of its wood fibre insulation materials FSC® certified (Forest Stewardship Council®). STEICO works to the ISO 9001:2000 quality management standard in its production, development and sales. As a result the company implements environmentally friendly standards - from sustainable forest stewardship through to production and also its final products. 

Dynamic market environment
STEICO’s insulation materials and I-joists have high potential for growth as they are particularly energy efficient and cut heating and cooling costs substantially. Stricter statutory requirements (the German “energy pass”) and government subsidies for buildings with low energy consumption are leading to constant increases in demand. In addition, STEICO is an environmental pioneer, thus meeting consumers’ desires for ecologically sound, future-proof construction products.

Tried-and-trusted management team 
The management team at the STEICO Group comprises its CEO Udo Schramek, who also chairs the group of managing directors. The other managing directors are: Holger Jödecke, Dr. David Meyer, Milorad Rusmir, Heiko Seibert and Steffen Zimny. They all bring with them many years of specialist experience to successfully manage the company and to drive STEICO SE’s future growth.

Excellent perspectives
The STEICO Group has invested in new products, new locations, capacity expansion and its international sales organisation, thus reinforcing its substance and creating the foundations for further growth.

Management Profiles

STEICO SE’s CEO is Udo Schramek, born in 1954. He trained as a wholesale and export clerk and formed the company’s predecessor in 1986. He has extensive expertise in sales and production and has in-depth knowledge of the market thanks to his more than 30 years of experience in the wood and construction materials sector. He has used his expertise to grow the STEICO Group to become the European market leader for the production and sale of environmentally friendly wood fibre insulation material. He is also the managing director of Schramek GmbH, STEICO SE’s majority shareholder.

Thorsten Leicht,
will be appointed as Managing Director Production with Effect from January 1, 2020. Mr. Leicht has extensive experience as an executive with a focus on corporate development and operational management with experience in the sawmill industry, the wood industry, packaging and prefabricated construction.

Uwe Klaus Lange
, born in 1961, trained as a carpenter and model builder before graduating in engineering (wood technology) from the University of Applied Technology in Rosenheim. During his career he first worked for several manufacturers of wooden materials equipment in executive positions before moving to a wood fibre insulation materials manufacturer. Uwe Klaus Lange joined STEICO SE in 2003 and first held the position of “Installation engineering/investment STEICO Group” before being appointed as Managing Director for Capital Expenditure and Equipment Technology in September 2015.

Dr. David Meyer, born in 1971, is the group’s CFO. He studied economic engineering in Kaiserslautern and Paris, and obtained his doctorate from Kaiserslautern Technical University. After working as a consultant he soon held executive positions with various SMEs, including in the construction sector. Dr. Meyer is an expert for corporate finance, accounting, financial accounting and financial control as well as M&A.

Milorad Rusmir
, born in 1957, is Managing Director for Timber Trade. Milorad Rusmir has been employed by STEICO since 1993 as a product manager, and when STEICO AG was formed in 2001 he was appointed as a member of the managing board. He graduated in engineering for the wood trade and prior to joining STEICO he had already worked for nine years in positions including deputy director for international wood trading in Belgrade, and thus has the relevant professional experience required for his executive position with STEICO..

Milorad Rusmir, geboren 1957, ist als geschäftsführender Direktor für das Ressort Holzhandel verantwortlich. Seit 1993 ist Milorad Rusmir als Produktmanager bei STEICO beschäftigt und wurde mit der Gründung der STEICO Aktiengesellschaft im Jahr 2001 zum Mitglied des Vorstands berufen. Der gelernte Diplom-Ingenieur für Holzhandel war vor der Anstellung bei STEICO bereits etliche Jahre u. a. als stellvertretender Direktor im internationalen Holzhandel in Belgrad tätig und verfügt damit über einschlägige Fachexpertise für die leitende Position bei STEICO.

Tobais Schindler, born in 1972, will be appointed as Managing Director Sales with effect from 1 April 2020. Mr. Schindler holds a degree in wood construction engineering and has extensive industry and management experience. Most recently, Mr. Schindler held the position of “Sales Manager Value Added Products” of an internationally active group in the timber industry.

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