Director's Dealings

At STEICO we live transparency. That is why our managing directors publish their transactions with shares of STEICO SE.

These dealings are published on the company’s Web site based on Article 19 (3) of the MAR (Market Abuse Regulation). This does not affect our other statutory disclosure obligations. 

We hope that this transparent presentation of our directors’ dealings contributes to the long-term, positive growth of STEICO’s shares.

The Managing Directors

Director's Dealings since IPO 2007

Name Date Transaction Attributable number of shares after transaction
Udo Schramek / Schramek GmbH 25.07.2007 Portfolio after IPO 8,605,650 shares
Udo Schramek / Schramek GmbH 03.11.2008 Purchase of 150,000 shares 8,755,650 shares
Udo Schramek / Schramek GmbH 27.10.2009 Sale of 150,000 shares 8,605,650 shares
Uwe Lange Historic stock before appointment to MD 1,142 shares
Dr. David Meyer 3. Quarter 2015 Purchase of 2,000 shares 2,000 shares
Milorad Rusmir
Tobias Schindler Historic stock before appointment to MD 350 shares
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