STEICO heat protection

Overheating homes?

STEICO wood fibre insulations are the ideal solution to keep houses warm
in winter and – more and more important – cool in summer. This is based
on the especially high "Thermal Storage Capacity" of STEICO’s insulation
materials. In the hot midday and early afternoon hours they absorb the warmth
and act as a "buffer", delaying the heat progress.
The internal climate of buildings remains comfortable –
without expensive air-conditioning.


Compared with conventional insulation materials like glass wool, STEICO wood
fibre insulations come with a especially high density. This density is the key to
summer heat protection as mass acts as a heat buffer.
This leads to a phase shift, which is the time span between the highest
external temperature and the highest internal temperature. The aim of
summer heat protection is to delay the heat transfer through the fabric
of the building so that the high midday temperatures would only reach
the internal side when it is already cooler outside.

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