Cutting may be carried out using conventional woodworking tools, e.g. handsaws, electric saws. The product is ‘user friendly’ and should not irritate the skin, either during or after installation.

Standard Installation :
Single layer of STEICOtop
The first 100mm of insulation is the most critical in terms of energy savings. If there is a sub-deck already laid onto the joists, then STEICOtop can be laid directly onto it. The specially hardened surface of STEICOtop allows for direct storage and light footfall.

Improved Values Details :
Install 2 layers of STEICOtop

For enhanced levels of insulation, two layers of STEICOtop can be laid on top of each other (staggered joints between the layers). With 2 layers of 80mm STEICOtop a ‘U’ value of 0.24 W/(m2*K) can be achieved.

Future requirements :
Combine STEICOtherm with STEICOtop
Looking forward to the future, it is expected that more stringent regulations will come into force, along with higher fuel costs. To help combat this, it is possible to combine STEICOtop with STEICOtherm to an overall thickness to achieve a ‘U’ value of 0.18 W/(m2*K).

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