STEICO celebrates its 35th anniversary

Feldkirchen, March 25, 2021. 35 years ago today, STEICO was founded as the “Society for Construction and Industrial Equipment Steinmann & Co. GmbH”. Initially a trading company for wood products with one and a half employees, STEICO developed into a manufacturer and is now the world market leader in wood fibre insulation materials with around 1,900 employees.

One reason for the enormous growth was that STEICO recognised the ecological zeitgeist at an early stage and began to accelerate capacity expansion in wood fibre insulation materials as early as the 1990’s - at a time when an awareness of ecological building was only just emerging in the construction industry.  After the turn of the millennium, demand increased continuously and STEICO was able to satisfy by producing a mature and steadily growing product range. Today STEICO is the world market leader in this segment with a production volume of over 4 million m3 of wood fibre insulation material / annum.

The company sees itself as an innovator and has always thought outside the box. That is why the wood fibre insulation materials have been supplemented by constructive wood products in the form of laminated veneer lumber and I-joists in the product range. The approach was always conceptualised - both in terms of production technology and construction technology. The wood fibre insulation materials, the structural products and the range of seals complement each other to create a future-oriented building system in timber construction.

Timber construction is of great importance both for a healthy living environment and for a change in climate and resources. That is why it is now being promoted by politicians and is more popular with builders and developers than ever before. Timber construction across Europe is booming. STEICO sees itself as a partner in timber construction, as a link between forestry, trade, craft and building owners.

The success of STEICO is also based on the fact that the brand essence “ecology” plays a central role and is implemented in all areas of the company. STEICO only processes wood from sustainable forestry with FSC or PEFC certification and has invested around 50 million euros in measures for climate-friendly production over the past 5 years. No coal is used to generate heat in production, but climate-neutral biomass from production waste. On average, STEICO products store twice as much CO2 as is released during production. All ecological aspects are documented in detail in the annual sustainability report.

Innovative strength and sustainability orientation are also evident in corporate development. As a listed company, STEICO has achieved average annual sales growth of around 9% since going public in 2007. The share price reflects investors' confidence in the company's management and in continued positive corporate and sales development.
In order to continue to grow and to be able to meet the increasing demand for STEICO products, STEICO is currently expanding existing production facilities and building another large insulation material plant, which will start operations in 2022. Production volumes increased significantly as early as March 2021 - and should continue to grow in the coming months. This ensures that its market partners - retailers, tradesmen and builders - are adequately supplied.

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STEICO - The group for green building products

The leader in wood fibre insulation products

The STEICO success story began in 1986 with the founding of Steinmann & Co. GmbH. From its humble beginnings as a small timber importer, STEICO has evolved over the years and today is the world leader in the manufacture and sale of wood fibre insulation materials employing around 1700 people.

The Head Quarters of STEICO SE is now situated in a state of the art new building outside Munich which showcases the company’s products and fully illustrates the comfortable working environment made possible by the intelligent use of wood fibre insulation as part of the build fabric.

From the Munich base is managed all aspects of sales, marketing, technical research and development functions. Production takes place at two plants in Poland and one in France. There are also sales offices in France and Great Britain and the Group increasingly sells globally.The company structure is very lean, flexible and efficient ensuring excellent customer service and fast response times.

The STEICO group is particularly known for its environmentally friendly wood fibre insulation materials however over recent years there has been a large investment programme and sales growth in wood based structural building products, in particular STEICO Joist. The engineered I joist utilising a special high density own produced fibre board web has a unique construction and has taken a large market share in volume markets including the UK and Nordic countries and is increasingly developing sales throughout Europe and beyond. Today STEICO is the largest I Joist manufacturer in Europe.

A major new €60m investment to build both Laminated Veneer Lumber production facilities and an additional wood fibre insulation line has been announced. Both new facilities will be developed at the group's Czarna Woda site in Poland.

In house LVL production will strengthen STEICO’S position as a system supplier for innovative timber construction. Currently the company sources LVL for its structural beam and I joist flange products. The plant's initial capacity is expected to be about 80,000m3 and should be in production before the end of 2015. The investment in a production facility increases the depth of added value and greatly reduces procurement risks going forward. On completion STEICO will hold a unique and strong position in being able to manufacture both the web and flange components of its I Joist unlike all other European manufacturers who assemble products from around Europe with all the associated risks.

All STEICO products are manufactured in modern facilities using advanced technologies combined with decades of know-how to offer new possibilities in the production of innovative, ecological and economical building materials. All the products manufactured by STEICO are certified under the banner of the FSC or PEFC with full chain of custody to guarantee the commitment for producing environmentally friendly and ecological products.

STEICO products meet the requirements of all relevant European standards and building regulations some carrying the prestigious IBR (Institut für Baubiologie) mark. Independent third party testing ensures strict compliance of the products with the relevant building approvals. All factories operate under a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 ensuring consistently high product quality during manufacture.

Highly experienced and knowledgeable staff and excellent technical support offers customers and end users the best advice about the products and applications. STEICO also works closely with its extensive supply chain to provide local expertise with onsite and after sales support.

STEICO may be a relatively new name to many however its products have been sold in the UK for over 26 years originally direct from its mills or via a small number of UK Agency customers often carrying own branding.

In 2006 the first STEICO owned UK office was set up in Dartford, Kent predominantly to introduce the group’s new I Joist products. This initially low key operation has now developed into a major supplier of structural timber products, wood fibre insulation and boards and now incorporates a wood based panel trading business.

STEICO is now one of the largest I Joist suppliers to the UK construction industry either through its network of dealers as delivered to site house kits or directly to timber frame and timber engineering companies. It is also the I Joist of choice for many major national house builders including Bellway, Persimmon, Keep Moat and Miller Homes. The UK office has now moved to St Albans in Hertfordshire with the UK and Ireland covered by experienced regional Sales Managers backed by an expanded and very knowledgeable technical team.

The combined activities allow STEICO UK to act increasingly as a system provider, offering a complete building solution, which consists of I Joists, LVL, flooring products and insulation materials. The comprehensive range of wood based panels including TG Chipboard, OSB and MDF also allows Merchant stockist's the benefit of prompt mixed deliveries in full or half trucks. The recent addition of STEICO trade joist - an off the shelf I Joist for merchants - strengthens the offering and gives smaller builders and developers the opportunity to save money and increase efficiency by changing from timber to an engineered solution.

The UK product range is truly unique and offers distributors, merchants and end users truly sustainable and future proof building solutions backed by the highest level of expertise, product development and experience.

The STEICO UK team sells to major merchant groups such as Travis Perkins and Grafton as well as many leading independent timber merchants, timber engineers and builders merchant outlets. Major DIY chains, timber frame manufacturers, acoustic floor providers and specialist ecological stockists complete the widening customer base.

With the major new investments and the increasing demand globally for healthy and comfortable homes and work places the future for STEICO looks good. In the UK demand for housing, timber frame structures and roofs will intensify and STEICO has the capacity, knowledge and quality structural products to be an excellent long term supply partner and provider. Increasing ecological awareness and the urgent need to renovate an aged housing stock will also play its part in driving UK sales of wood fibre based insulation into the main stream.

Today, STEICO can truly be classed as a brand synonymous with quality, service excellence and ambition driving an increasing portfolio of future-proof products and solutions. A very good company to partner with, long term.

September 2017
Launch of the second production facility of LVL in Czarna Woda

July 2017
The Deutsche Institute fur Bautechnik (DiBT) awards a European Technical Approval to the cellulose air injected insulation STEICOfloc and STEICOfloc NB (Borate free) with a nominal thermal conductivity of λD 0,038 W/m*K

January 2017

The new STEICOflex 036 high-performance insulating material has a lambda value of 0.036, the lowest thermal conductivity among natural insulating materials.


October 2016

STEICOfloc cellulose air-injected insulation with excellent thermal conductivity of
λ = 0.039 W/(m*K) receives building control approval Z-23.11-2070 from the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) (German Institute for Structural Engineering).


August 2016

STEICO decides to expand its capacity for laminated veneer lumber due to sustained positive demand, with plans to double annual production capacity.


March 2016

STEICO celebrates its 30th anniversary and its unprecedented development into a system supplier for modern timber construction.


July 2015

The first board is produced at the new laminated veneer lumber facility after only one year of construction.


July 2014

Groundbreaking takes place for the new laminated veneer lumber production facility in Czarna Woda.


March 2014

STEICO approves the construction of another production facility for wood-fibre insulating materials using the wet process as well as its own production line for laminated veneer lumber.



The company moves into its new headquarters as planned in August 2013. The building was constructed entirely using the STEICO construction system.



Company growth over the past few years makes it necessary to expand the office space. In October 2012, the foundation stone is laid for the construction of the new headquarters in Feldkirchen.



STEICO completes the commissioning of a new production facility for wood-fibre insulating materials using the dry process. The capacity of the facility is around 500,000 m3 per year.



STEICO AG converts into a European public limited company and now operates under the name STEICO SE.



STEICO puts a new production facility for the manufacture of STEICOflex into operation at Casteljaloux. The capacity of the facility is around 250,000 m3 per year.



For the first time in the history of the company, STEICO produces approximately 1 million m3 of insulating materials per year.


October 2009

STEICO takes over major British wholesaler of timber construction materials Puhoswood Ltd, thereby strengthening its position on the UK market.


May 2008

STEICO agrees the exclusive, Europe-wide sale of laminated veneer lumber with Russian manufacturer Taleon Terra.


March 2008

STEICO acquires French manufacturer of wood-fibre insulating materials Isoroy Casteljaloux SAS, thereby strengthening its involvement on the French market. The production facility is rebranded STEICO Casteljaloux. At the same time, sales company STEICO France SAS is established in Imbsheim, France.


June 2007

STEICO is listed on the stock exchange. Shares of STEICO AG are now traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Munich Stock Exchange (m:access).


April 2006

STEICO puts two new production facilities for hemp insulating materials and I-joists into operation at the Czarnków site. The hemp insulating materials complement the existing range of wood-fibre insulating materials, while STEICO is opening up the market for construction elements with the I-joists. Both products are intended to ensure further substantial growth.


October 2005

STEICO acquires a second production site in Czarna Woda (south of Gdańsk, Poland). The current total usable area of the site is more than 500 ha. STEICO is the largest wood-fibre insulation board manufacturer in Europe.


February 2005

Another state-of-the-art production facility for manufacturing wood-fibre insulating materials using the wet process is commissioned at the Czarnków plant (Poland),


January 2005

Complete takeover of Polish company Ekopłyta S.A.; Ekopłyta S.A. production facility rebranded as STEICO S.A.


February 2004

The third production facility for manufacturing wood-fibre insulation boards using the wet process is opened at the Ekopłyta plant in Czarnków (Poland).



STEICO AG receives the internationally recognised FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification mark for its entire product range of wood-fibre insulation boards. Along with its sales department, STEICO is certified according to SGS-COC-0547.



Production starts for flexible wood-fibre insulation boards (innovative dry process).



Steinmann & Co. GmbH transforms into STEICO AG. The limited company is completely absorbed by the unlisted public limited company.



The company acquires a 33% share in Ekopłyta S.A. Czarnków (Poland); the process of plant expansion begins to become Europe's biggest wood-fibre insulation board production site. Today, STEICO AG holds 100% of the company shares.



Gesellschaft für Bau- und Industriebedarf Steinmann & Co. GmbH established, with a focus on wood imports.



STEICO has built a new headquarter in Munich, Germany, using its own construction and insulation products. The video above describes the main steps of the construction process.

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