Commited to the environment

Ecology begins with STEICO

Ecology is still very much in vogue. More and more people are paying attention protecting the environment when they make purchases. A sensible attitude, especially when it comes to building products. After all, the materials we use to build our own four walls have an influence on our well-being and health for decades.

STEICO’s wood fibre insulating materials bring a bit of mother nature into your home. Wood is, by its very nature, a particularly energy-efficient building material. Even as a solid beam it insulates around 10 times better than concrete and 350 times better than steel.

Processed into STEICO wood fibre insulating materials, it delivers truly outstanding performance. The wood fibres enclose the smallest air chambers in the insulation boards and thus guarantee excellent insulation - ideal for the construction of state-of-the-art energy-saving buildings or for sophisticated renovations.

In order to make planning of buildings and passive houses with natural materials easier, detailed planning documents are available, e.g. the Passive House Certification Report with all construction details.

With STEICO products you also make a contribution to reducing the greenhouse gas CO2. For example 1 m3 of wood binds up to 1 t CO2. In the form of STEICO insulating materials, this CO2 remains removed from the atmosphere over the entire lifetime of the products. The wood-fiber insulation material used for the complete insulation of an average single-family home, for example, binds as much CO2 as a small car releases over 50,000 km.

All of STEICO’s insulating materials are manufactured without any harmful additives. Wood fibre insulating materials thus provide the best conditions for a living climate that is perfectly compatible with building biology. The excellent quality of STEICO’s products is also regularly confirmed by independent experts such as the Öko-Test-Verlag. This allows you to be sure that STEICO products will serve you and the environment well not only today, but also for many years to come.

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