STEICOflex 038

The standard board size for STEICOflex is designed so that the batt will be a friction fit between 38mm wide timber  studs spaced at 600mm increments. A 375mm wide batt is also available to fit between studs spaced at 400mm centres.

The maximum span of STEICOflex is dependant on the thickness of the insulation batt used. The following maximum spans can be used:

STEICOflex 038

Insulation thickness [mm] Max. Stud spacing [mm]
40 450
50 475
60 500
80 550
100 600
120 650
140 700
160 750
180 800
200 850
220 850
240 850

To reduce waste on site or accomodate insulation depths outside of our standard range, it is possible to install multiple layers of insulation batts to achieve the required depth of insulation.

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