STEICOflex 038

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Cutting and Handling

STEICOflex is particularly user friendly, will not knowingly cause skin irritation and can be worked with simple cutting tools.

The STEICO insulation knife is ideal for fast cutting of smaller quantities of the product. The blade is easy sharpned using a wet stone or sharpening file to restore the blade edge, so that the hemp fibers are cleanly separated with little effort.

Before cutting the product, determine the width of the compartment to be filled and add an additional 10mm to this measurement. This will ensure that the STEICOflex batt is slightly compressed and will now be a friction fit in the compartment.

The fastest and easiest way to cut all insulation thickness of STEICOflex is with the use of an electric hand saw or sabre saw. 
A tool of this nature will provide a smooth cut edge and minimal dust creation.

With frequent insulation work and to increase the cutting precision, STEICOflex may be cut on a panel saw. This will ensure parallel cuts and improved accuracy. Precise angle cuts are also possible.

The STEICO cutting knife is available from your STEICO stockist.

When cutting and handling STEICO products please ensure the correct personal protection equipment is used and inhalation of any dust produced is prevented.

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