STEICOmulti tape F

Processing in the STEICO sheet and membrane system

  • Substrates must be capable of bearing a load, dry and free from dust and grease
  • Align the STEICOmulti tape F centrally, gradually remove the release liner and forcefully rub on the adhesive tape
  • Split release liner facilitates the bonding of corners, as only one liner can initially be removed there
  • Adhere the STEICOmulti tape F without tension and creases. The substrate must be additionally mechanically secured if tensile forces arise
  • Adhesive bondings may not be located in stagnant water; adhesive bondings are also not permitted in sauna and swimming pool construction

Processing in case of STEICO wood fibre panels

  • Pretreat the STEICO wood fibre panels in the adhesive area with STEICOmulti primer
  • After a sufficiently long flash-off time (when primer is transparent) position the 100 mm or 150 mm-wide STEICOmulti tape F, remove release liner and rub on
  • The bonding surface on the wood fibre panel must be at least 50 mm
  • Additional pressing on with a paint roller or roller is recommended in order to improve adhesion

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