STEICOmulti cover 5

Production and labelling DIN EN 13984: 2013
Fire behaviour Class E according to EN 13501-1
Weight per unit area aprox. 150 g/m²
sd value aprox. 5m
Temperature resistance −40 °C to +80 °C
Maximum tensile force, longitudinal/transverse [N/5cm] 320 / 270
Elongation at maximum tensile force, longitudinal/transverse [%] 40 / 40
Tear resistance, longitudinal/transverse [N] 350 / 300
Resistance to water penetration W1
Resistance to water penetration after ageing W1
Durability of water vapour resistance against artificial ageing passed
Outdoor exposure up to 3 months
Suitable as a temporary roof cover up to 4 weeks

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