STEICO sealing system

Whether in new buildings or renovations, whether used from the inside or the outside – with the STEICO
product range, you will find the right airtight membranes and vapour barrier sheets for all application areas. Thanks to our extensive adhesive and sealant accessories, the STEICO membrane and sheet range can be connected with each other and to adjacent components in a secure and reliable manner.

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Product overview

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Diffusion permeable, fully self-adhesive and airtight weather protection membrane

STEICOsill timber

Sealing system for window sills

STEICOmulti tape F

High performance tape with special foil


Highly vapour-permeable airtight membrane, sarking membrane and roofing underlayment

STEICOmulti cover 5

Wear resistant, rain proof vapour barrier

STEICOmulti tape P

High performance tape with kraft paper

STEICOmulti fill

Permanantly flexible ETICS joint adhesive


Woodfibre insulation wedge for window sills

STEICOmulti connect

Permanently flexible adhesive sealant

STEICOmulti membra 5

Vapour barrier sheet for roof, wall and ceiling constructions

STEICOmulti primer

Solvent free primer

STEICOmulti renova

Moisture variable, vapour control layer

STEICOmulti nail

Nail tight tape

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