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Legal mentions

STEICO SE allows a right to use the given visuals only for purposes associated with STEICO advertisement or
editorial reporting on STEICO.

This requirement can be met by:

  • Representing the STEICO company logo(s)/product logos together with the visuals
  • Mentioning STEICO in headlines or copy texts
  • Indicating STEICO as source of the pictures (close to the pictures and in the imprint)

It is not permitted:

  • To use  visuals without clearly indicating the source of the pictures
  • To hand over visuals to third parties (except agencies or similar service providers instructed by the user)
  • To use  visuals for purposes that are not clearly associated with STEICO, STEICO advertisement or editorial reporting on STEICO. This also includes advertisment for the user itself without mentioning STEICO.
  • To use visuals off serious journalistic reporting or in a way that could be considered as diffaming, libeling.
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